Privacy Policy

Privacy policies define the manner and the way that how your data will be collected, maintained, secured and used if required. In this, the words WE, OUR, US, StyleRoller, styleroller or Styleroller are meant to be StyleRoller website.

By using the styleroller in any way, you agreed to our policies. Moreover, by using this site for accessing information, using the information or for another purpose you give your consent to SryleRoller policies.

The policies can be changed if required and therefore you are required to check the policies and keep yourself updated.

Collection Of Personal Information

We, StyleRoller does not collect any personal information from the users who access the website information and for using the information. Personal Information includes the persons name, address, contact details, credit card details, education or any other such information.

A person can access and use the information available on the website without providing any personal information. If a person provides any personal information on the website, he/she do this at his/her own risk.

However, if a user wants to interact with the website using the contact form or by making comment below the article, he/she will be required to provide his/her name and email. In this case, your information is stored and secured with the styleroller and we don’t provide or forward our user’s information to any their party nor the information is made public.

Confidential Information

Styleroller does not demand any confidential information from the users accessing the website or using it in any way.

Confidential information includes identity number, bank details, passwords or any such information that can affect the person in any way and can harm him/her. Always remember, styleroller does not need either demand any such information, if you do so, you will be doing it at your own risk. However, if your information either personal or confidential is provided publically by you, we may or may not receive it. Otherwise, we don’t collect any information on the user accessing our website and using it.

Collection of Technical Information

We at styleroller works hard to make our user experience better and provide an outstanding experience and therefore we collect your technical information.

Technical information includes your internet address, the browser you are using to access the website, the time zone, the device you are using and operating system installed on your device. All such information is collected to provide you a better and enhanced version of the site.

Collected technical information is stored with the website data and is not made publically. Neither have we provided any such information to any third party. We value our customers and prefer their security and therefore technical information is used for the analysis that makes your experience of visiting the site better.


Along with the technical information, the website uses cookies to make the user experience better. Cookies are small data files that are stored on the visitor website and are used only for the analysis purpose. Such information is stored in the database of the website and it cannot be accessed by any other party.

External Links

The website may contain external links that are the links pointing to any other site. We at styleroller make it clear to our users that we don’t own these websites. Visiting any external link through styleroller will be your own choice. And if you provide any information on external websites, the styleroller will not be responsible for it.

Contact Form

Styleroller collects the personal information from the users if they want to contact us through the contact form. In this case, we only demand the name and email address of the user through which he can contact the StyleRoller. The information provided through StyleRoller will be stored in our database and we do not provide our user’s data to any third party. Remember, we do not demand any confidential information from our users through the contact form if you do so; you are doing it at your own risks.

Securing The Users Data

StyleRoller wants to provide an outstanding experience to the user by providing them the web-based platform. To value our customers and for keeping their data secured, we have special databases. We keep on checking our system and do the analysis of the site frequently to make sure that there is no vulnerability and our user’s data is secured.

However, still, we mention it to our users that StyleRoller does not demand and does not need any confidential information. In case you find any vulnerability, you are advised to contact us through the contact form and reach us. We will support you fully and take action to secure your data.

Update In Privacy Policy

To adopt the best practices to secure the user’s data, we hold the right to make changes and update the privacy policies. Therefore, users are recommended to keep on checking the privacy policy document.

Privacy Policy updated on 3 January 2020.